Aryn & Courtney Kern

Longshadow Woodworks

Little Falls, MN

2019 Booth # 97

In our work, we strive to combine beauty and function while doing our part to use our natural resources wisely.

We began our work as professional wood artists in 2006 when we realized the vast amount of wood waste that is created by larger wood product manufacturers. These businesses produce cut-offs and rippings that are usually chipped, burned, or simply thrown away so we set our woodshop up to utilize even the smallest pieces of cast off woods.

Each piece of wood is hand selected for its grain and character then it is laminated, planed, shaped, sanded, and finished.

Since reclaimed hardwoods are used, each piece is unique.

We truly feel as though we are making a difference not only in narrowing the stream of waste woods in the industry, but also in educating and creating an appreciation for different species of native hardwoods in our customers.

What began as a weekend shop project has turned into our passion and profession.



© Aryn & Courtney Kern

© Aryn & Courtney Kern