2018 Featured Artist

Tony Small

Tony Small Originals
Hopkins, MN
2019 Booth #114


Tony Small, is a professional fine art photographer specializing in unique, moving landscapes. Tony’s fine art prints combine dramatic photography, vivid colors and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of nature and our unbelievable world. Using high resolution digital photography, he’s able to capture the subtle details of some of the most unbelievable landscapes and transfer them to large prints with stunning clarity and color. His work is presented on fine art paper, canvas, metal or acrylic. His award-winning images are printed in numbered collector editions of 50-250 but can be purchased in smaller non-numbered prints. 

Tony gained an interest in photography early in life when his uncle gave him a camera he had used for years. With the light meter not working Tony experimented until he became very proficient at setting the camera to perfectly utilize the available light. Tony has studied the art of photography for years and shot with several iconic landscape photographers across the country. His love for photography, people and nature really shows in his work.

© Tony Small

© Tony Small

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Julia Timm

Fresh Mud Pottery
Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #117


Being a full-time studio potter is my second career. After raising four sons I took my first clay class and at age 50. I quickly determined that I wanted to work with clay for the rest of my life. I love making beautiful and functional pieces for peoples’ homes.

I paint slabs of clay with colorful under-glazes. Over the slab I attach a thin, stencil cut sheet of clay.  I draw and texture on these slabs. The form is then built. After bisque firing I apply black stain and wipe it off leaving the incised lines and texture black.  A clear glaze finishes the piece.

I use various slab building techniques to construct my pieces. Over colorful slabs I applique a pierced layer of semi-porcelain clay. I do line work and incising and then bisque fire. After the bisque I cover the piece with black stain and wipe it off. A food safe clear glaze goes on and I fire the work to cone 6 in oxidation.


© Julia Timm

© Julia Timm


Karri Jamison

The Art Of Karri Jamison
Hillsboro, WI
2019 Booth #103

    Karri Jamison is a professional nature painter who’s unique style of art merges two painting genres: abstract expressionism and realism. She refers to her style of painting as “Whimsical Nature”.  Her work features stark black and white backgrounds combined with meticulously hand drawn and painted nature iconography.    Karri’s use of clean precise lines and highly detailed brush strokes gives her work a modern edge.  Her current series of paintings feature the birds and woodlands of the Midwest.  Each painting starts with an idea or scene inspired by Karri’s observation of nature and her imagination.  She doesn’t work from a photo. All of the scenes in Karri’s paintings are her own composition. Often, clients ask Karri if her work is digital or photography.  While flattering, the truth is, no.  Every inch of each painting is meticulously drawn and painted free hand.  The average time it takes Karri to create a painting is 200-600 hours.  It takes an enormous amount of dedication, patience, and skill to achieve each painting. The only tools she uses to create her highly detailed birds are:  acrylic paint, graphite pencil, and paint brushes only 3 to .5 millimeters in diameter.

Karri’s favorite subject matter to paint is birds and trees.  In fact, she considers herself a “bird-nerd” and often can be found traipsing through marshes, woodlands, and prairies looking for birds to study and paint. “Birds are a huge part of my life.  Each bird has a unique personality that I try to capture in my paintings. The patterns on their feathers are so intricate…I can’t help but enjoy the challenge and beauty each bird represents.” 




© Karri Jamison

© Karri Jamison

© Karri Jamison

© Karri Jamison

  Karri’s whimsical nature series has been well received by private, public, and corporate collectors.  Karri has received 11 awards in the past 2 years for her artwork.  Including, Best in Show at the Lakeville Art Festival, the Merit Award at the Uptown Art Festival, and the Award of Excellence at the Edina Art Fair. Karri graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee-Peck School of The Arts in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting & Drawing.   Since graduation, Karri travels around the Midwest showing her artwork in museums, galleries and at fine art shows.  



Linda Banning

LB Originals
Minneapolis, MN
2019 booth #144

© Linda Banning

© Linda Banning


I was raised in Wisconsin along the beautiful St. Croix River. At the University of Wisconsin,     I studied art and earned my Bachelor’s degree. Because of my longing for creative expression, I started working in stained glass in 2000 while living in St. Paul, MN. I was drawn to this medium because of the play of light and color and the use of line and texture. I began creating one-of–a-kind abstract window pieces. 

Each type of glass I use brings its own uniqueness and depth to the work. I use stained glass for variety in color and texture and started using bottle glass in 2007 after my local glass recycling program ended. I had a personal mission to save some bottles from the landfill. Plus, finding bottles with interesting enameled or embossed graphics is so much fun! So much fun that in 2016, I started incorporating aluminum cans and opened up a whole new world of possibilities!


I personally design and hand-craft each piece of jewelry. The glass is hand cut and ground smooth to shape and size. Stained glass is wrapped in copper foil and soldered. Bottles are ground smooth and drilled to affix findings. By cold-working the bottles, I’m able to retain the original graphics and natural curve. I hope you enjoy my work!

Jamie Heiden

Jamie Heiden Photography

Holmen, WI


2019 booth #81

Jamie Heiden lives in the beautiful Driftless area of western Wisconsin. For as long as she can remember, she has been a collector of images. She stores them in her mind; she captures them with her camera. For her, pictures really can tell a story. Life’s simplicity is her inspiration and conveying that story is her goal. 

Jamie is a photographer first. But when she sits down at her computer, the beginnings unfold. Her finished images contain multiple photographic layers using tasks once performed in the darkroom, now tools she has at her fingertips on the computer.  What would have taken hours years ago can be done and then undone in half the time, not necessarily making the completed process any shorter but allowing for ten times the amount of experimenting within.  

All of her work contains multiple photographic layers combined digitally. She works on each individual layer.  Of course all images are Jamie's and no filters are used in the process. The end result is an image ever-so-slightly removed from traditional photography.




© Jamie Heiden

© Jamie Heiden


Jennifer Patnaude

Waconia, MN

2019 booth #12

I am a self taught artist. I enjoy a bright , colorful palette of acrylic on wood. I am very much process oriented as painting for me is very therapeutic. This year I focused on painting in spirit. When I allow myself to surrender to flow the energy delivered in each piece is direct raw and intimate. Allowing for intuitiveness to guide me, it brings to life what ever it is that wants to present itself.This may be through light, texture or movement regardless if it forms an image the eye can truly discern. 

I enjoy using a bright and playful palette to capture the movement, color and spirit in nature. My medium is acrylic on wood/canvas.


© Jennifer Patnaude

© Jennifer Patnaude