When does the Art Festival take place?

• Saturday, July 25, 2020: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
• Sunday, July 26, 2020: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Is there an ATM?

There is an ATM at the festival on the east side of the pond near the park building, or at SuperAmerica at Grant St. and LaSalle. See the festival map.

Where are the two information booths located?

On the east side of the pond next to the main building and on the west side of the pond by the horseshoe court (yes, we have a horseshoe court!). See the festival map.

Where can I get food?

We have two food court locations (See the festival map.)
• On the north side of the pond, with meal options
• On the west side of the pond, with snack/dessert items including ice cream and coffee

Where are the music and kids activities located?

• The main music area is directly across from the main park building.
• Most of the kids activities are located on the east side of the pond and near the food area. See the festival map.

Where can I find a Map of the Fair?

Pick up a program at the festival, which includes a map and artist list, or find the map online here.

Where can I buy Loring Park Art Festival merchandise?

The cost of this year’s t-shirt is $20.00. Some past t-shirts are available at discounted prices. We also have posters and postcards. You can purchase merchandise at both information booths. Cash or check only.

Where are the First Aid kits located?

There are first aid kits located at both information booths. See the festival map.

Where can I find a list of artists?

What happens if there is severe weather?

• In the event that the show is cancelled, you will be notified by the staff.
• If there is severe weather during the event, please seek shelter in nearby local businesses or parking ramps.
• You can also check the Loring Park Art Festival Facebook & Twitter pages for up to date information on severe weather.
• Weather reports will be monitored throughout the show.
• Artists may not pack up unless the show is cancelled by director.

Where is the closest...?

Coffee shop - Dunn Bros (329 W. 15th St.)
Gas station - Superamerica (2200 Lyndale Ave. South)
Grocery store/drug store -
• Lunds (1201 Hennepin Ave. South)
• Walgreens (2650 Hennepin Ave. South)
Post office/UPS -
• USPS (18 N 12th St. Minneapolis, 55403)
• UPS Store (2751 Hennepin Ave. South, Minneapolis 55408)
Hardware Store - Frattallone’s Ace Hardware (1804 Nicollet Ave.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Exhibiting Artist FAQs here.