Haylee McFarland

Whittier CA


2019 Booth #46A/B


I use watercolor in order to create a stunning effect that will later accentuate and highlight my drawing's depths and shadows. More interestingly, I then spend between 50-70 hours with a .005 Micron Pen, creating very small intricate world art inspired designs in my artwork. I challenge myself to improvise new designs in each piece I create. Over the past year I have started to embed smaller hidden drawings within the larger image in order to peak the interest of my viewers, patrons, and collectors alike

The majority of my content is comprised of animals, a smaller portion is inspired by whichever region of the country my next art show will be held. However, all of my subject matter is chosen from what ever makes me happiest at the time!

All works are drawn and created by me, using ink over water color on cold pressed water color paper.

Ann Solyst

Minneapolis, MN


© Ann Solyst

© Ann Solyst

2019 Booth #35

Ann Works in hard pastel on paper, drawing both real and imagined animals in a naturalistic style. Her work is rich in form and texture and grounded in technique without becoming stiff. Rather than focusing on realism, her focus is on believability. She is selective and precise in those details she includes and avoids including details that, although accurate, may not add to the piece of art as a whole. Ann wants her drawings to be playful and true to the character of her subjects.
The way Ann develops a drawing is practical. Working from photos to reference the color, shape, and texture of her subject, she draws a simple yet precise outline in charcoal. Next she blocks out shadow followed by color in hard pastel. Her color palette is often subdued, giving the drawings a 20th century wildlife illustration quality. From here, Ann refines her drawing through multiple layers of pastel until it reaches the desired balance of

whimsy and realism.

Melissa Mason

Plover, WI


2019 booth #83

Scratchboard is a subtractive medium that utilizes a variety of abrasive tools, including x-acto knives, fiberglass brushes, wire brushes, and sand paper, to create different scratches. Scratches are layered on top of each other, removing the black ink layer and revealing the white layer beneath. Scratches create different values and textures. My wildlife scratchboard work is photo realistic, hyper detailed, and exclusively black and white. Inspiration is drawn from endangered species and wild spaces.


© Melissa Mason

© Melissa Mason

David Montague

Brooklyn Park, MN


2017 booth # 67B

These “Circular Meditations” are a series of 54 pen & ink drawings completed in a three week drawing binge. The title of the series refers to the near meditative state that I found while working on these drawings. The drawings are numbered chronologically. I was exploring circular/ovate forms as an artistic exercise, adhering to several arbitrary “procedural rules.” With intention, I created variant drawings, exploring techniques and forms. Hundreds of thousands of “circles” drawn.



© David Montague

© David Montague

Christy Johnson

United Goods

Minneapolis, MN


2019 Booth #72

I make State Icons, which are digital illustrations of U.S. landmarks in handmade frames. I draw each one—at the small size that it's displayed—with a mouse. The archival-quality giclée prints are created in my studio, and finished in frames that are made by my parents. I also make other items that feature my State Icon illustrations, such as zip pouches, larger matted prints, candles, pot holders, and note cards.


© Christy Johnson

© Christy Johnson