Tahmi DeSchepper

Tahmi - The Art of Woven Metal

Fairfield, IA


2018 booth #122

My inspiration comes from replicating textiles in metal. Using a medieval finger weaving technique, I weave fabric from thin metal wire. I then embed that woven metal fabric behind layers of clear glass I’ve fused in order to play with various optical effects in my jewelry. It’s intriguing to me that by changing the viewing angle slightly, you get a completely different experience of the underlying metal fabric. It’s hard to capture in a still image, but the result is very dynamic as light interacts with both the glass and the underlying metal fabric. Because I love sparkle so much, I also designed a tool so that I can make jump rings from square wire. This adds an additional intriguing element to my designs, because each side of the ring is flat, in essence creating hundreds of mirrored surfaces to further play with light. All necklaces and bracelets also feature my signature, easy to put on clasp that I design and fabricate myself.


© Tahmi DeSchepper

© Tahmi DeSchepper